Photographer of the Month Program!

Yes! Starting in January 2019 we have introduced a Photographer of the Month Program!

This program is designed to shine a spotlight on 1 amazing photographer every month and give him or her a monthly showcase to be featured on our website and social media platforms! We are so fortunate to work with so many amazing photographers from all around the world we feel that these talents need a spotlight! This is our opportunity to support those who continue to support us!

Plus, each POTM will be put in the running for a special prize to be announced Jan 2020!

To enter we require:

1) 10-15 images for your submission (PC images as they will be used on a variety of social media platforms) and a headshot of yourself.

2) Have an active account with Laminart Industries (If you would like to submit an order or learn more about our products please check out these links):

At the end of every month we will select a photographer (raffle style) from the list of entries. If you are not selected don't worry as we keep your submission in the raffle for next month (no need to re-submit every month).

Each winner will also receive a POTM award badge (8"x8") as an additional thank you!

Good luck all and thank you so much everyone for your continued support!