At LaminART Industries we make the ordering process as easy as possible:

1) Please email us with your name, company name, address, and phone number.

2) Include the full name of the product(s) you wish to order and the quantities (if applicable).

3) Upload the corresponding files (with the size & product style you would like in the file name) and you're good to go!

Our staff of experts will respond to your email within 24 hours to confirm all the information and update you with an estimated time of completion for your order (Typically 2-4 days not including shipping time if applicable. First orders could take 3-6 days). *Note: LaminART Industries is not liable for any inconsistencies in sizes, products etc. for orders which don't follow this ordering format; however, if anything is unclear please contact us via email or phone prior to ordering so we may clear up any questions, concerns or queries you may have.

If our staff notices any irregularities in any of the files (ie. unusual colors) or inconsistencies (ie. files sizes not matching the requested sizes) we will evaluate and promptly contact you prior to beginning production.

If you are uploading large files or multiple smaller files, we at LaminART use the top 2 FREE file sharing providers: Dropbox and We Transfer. Please send us a link with one of these providers along with your email order.

  Sample Order using Dropbox

Sample Order using Dropbox