How do you get my digital image embedded into the Aluminum?

LaminART takes your digital image and prints it onto an Aluminum plate. From there, the ink and Aluminum are baked at a very high temperature and pressure to permanently fuse the ink and the metal together. It's a very similar process to "glazing" and "firing" in pottery.  


What is the finish like? Is it glossy? Matted?

Laminart's aluminum prints have an amazing gloss finish! Check out our YouTube video for a full 360 degree view! The gloss finish to our prints is a great complement to our wide range of matte finished MDF products.


Does the Aluminum show through?

The Aluminum does not show through as the top of the aluminum has a white surface similar to photopaper or canvas; therefore, we are able to print the full spectrum of colours in the same way images are printed onto other media. 


How durable are the Aluminum prints once they are done?

Very Durable and incredibly scratch resistant. Check out the Products - Aluminum Prints to see a video of a true, LaminART Sublimation Aluminum Print meet a set of keys. 


How are the Aluminum Prints hung on the wall? 

The LaminART Aluminum prints are finished with a very convenient and easy-to-hang MDF backing, with a pre-cut hanger slot. This MDF backing is recessed 1" in from all side to give the Aluminum print rigidity and to keep it flat and level so no bowing can occur over time. 


What is a Giclée?

The term Giclée is used for fine art digitally printed with an inkjet printer. This term can be applied to both Photo Paper Prints and Canvas. At LaminART Industries, we refer to Giclée as the canvas, although a Giclée Photo Paper print may also be used. Ideally, we have clients specify which Giclée product they want.


Is the quality of all Giclée prints the same?

No, unfortunately the term Giclée is an unregulated term and therefore, it could be used for any print made at home on an inkjet printer. At LaminART Industries, we utilize the highest quality Archival Inks, Archival Papers and Archival Canvas. Along with a color corrected monitor and accurate previews, we are able to ensure that each piece will be perfect before we hit print. The Archival nature of all our materials guarantees optimal color and longevity once printed. The end result is a product made to last! 


How durable are LaminART’s Giclée Canvas once stretched?

LaminART fuses the canvas and a laminate together in order to ensure that the surface of each piece is protected from moisture. The high quality, UV protective vinyl laminate is used over other spray on and roll on products because it will not crack under the pressure of stretching and is even more resistant to moisture than anything else on the market. The real hardwood frames are custom built using artisanal stretcher bars and each is inspected prior to stretching, ensuring the most durable final product possible.


What sizes are available for Giclée Canvas?

We are able to print a very large range of images. Generally, the smallest images we print on canvas are 8"x8" with black taped edges or 10"x10" gallery wrapped edges up to an absolute maximum size of 48"x96". LaminART industries recommends calling ahead if sizes are at either end of this spectrum. 


How are Giclée Canvas finished?

Each piece has the option of being stretched with a black (or other colours depending on availability) gaffers tape, or having the image wrap around the edge, known as a gallery wrap (occasionally referred to as a museum wrap). The gallery wraps are the most common. Neither option requires any additional framing. Check out the Products - Giclée Canvas Page for more details.


If I want a Gallery Wrap, how do I make it so I don't lose any of the image around the side?

LaminART provides complementary file editing to optimize each file for the gallery wrap, depending on what thickness of stretcher bar is chosen. This is just part of the ways that we at LaminART go above and beyond for each customer.


What gaffer tape colours do you offer?

Black is the most common followed by white. Beyond white, we offer Navy Blue, Green, Dark Brown, and Tan. These colours are subject to availability, however for special custom jobs, we are able to source them for our customers.


What depth of stretcher bars do you offer?

There are two choices: 1.5” (3.8cm) and 3/4” (1.9cm). Most popular is the 1.5” option.


What sets LaminART Giclee Photo Prints apart?

Photos are printed directly onto archival paper using archival HDR Inks. This provides an amazing final product with vibrant colours and very precise tones, showing the complexity of each image. 


Once I have a print, what can I do with it? Are there mounting options?

Yes, there are mounting options. The most popular mounting finish the LITE Mount. For a bold look, the LITE PLUS, FLOAT and LUX are excellent options to really make your image stand out. If planning on framing the piece, we offer Laminate and Mounts onto 1/4" or 1/8" MDF allowing for light weight options to put into a frame. The LEX mount is another option that allows for a matte paper to surround your image and provide depth to the printed piece. 


What else handles the LaminART Processes well?

  • Photopaper prints
  • Posters (Movie, Art Prints)
  • Certificates
  • Children's Art
  • Maps
  • Signs


What cannot or should not be done with LaminART Processes? 

Limited editions, original art or anything irreplaceable. For these circumstances, it is best to have LaminART create a digital file and reproduce the image using our Giclee Photo Paper print option. The high resolution copy can be used rather than the original, leaving the original untouched. 


Are LaminART's processes reversible?

No. This is why we don't recommend doing any Limited edition, original, or irreplaceable images.


If I am close to you, may I pick my pieces up?

Absolutely! We encourage our customers to come pick up their orders and say "Hi" anytime! If you pick up your orders, there are no shipping charges!


More Questions?