Classic Aluminum Prints

In 2015, LaminART Industries was the first company in Western Canada to introduce Sublimation Aluminum Printing which allows us to take your digital files and print them directly on to an aluminum plate. This innovative method creates an extremely durable surface that is scratch resistant & waterproof

When it comes to metal printing our direct sublimation process yields incredibly vibrant colours, the richest / deepest blacks, and comes with an astonishingly high gloss finish! Sublimation printing is not only the most archival option but it gives your images a luminescence which is unmatched! When choosing aluminum prints ensure they are sublimation printed.

Our Aluminum prints come in standard sizes ranging from 8x10 to 30x40.


A short video on our Classic Aluminum Prints

"I heard through the grapevine about the service & quality at LaminART. The rumours were true! Love my metal prints & can't wait to get some more!" - Kristy P